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National Storm Shelters, LLC
700 Swan Dr. Smyrna TN

Underground Storm Shelters Safe Rooms

How do I keep my family safe during a tornado?

Get a complete tornado safety guide and family plan to help you survive a tornado.

Thinking of purchasing a storm shelter? Start here.

Before you buy, use this checklist to research your options and have no doubts about your investment.

Compare safe rooms and tornado shelters.

Read our full product guide to understand the difference in manufacturing, pricing, installation and more.

Our Products: Above Ground Safe Rooms & Underground Storm Shelters

We design and build tornado shelters. With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing, fabricating and machining, we leverage our knowledge and expertise to provide economical storm shelters.

We take a family first approach with our product, and it’s our mission to keep you family safe during a severe storm.

Here are a few facts about our products:

We provide quality construction of the steel structure.

All of our shelters meet or exceed FEMA standards or FEMA publication 320.

If an NSS Shelter isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you if it’s not a good fit. We anylyze your needs, access to the garage and family size to make sure our shelters fit you.

We offer a “Rock Solid”™ Price Assurance Policy. This is a policy that you pay up front and, if while digging we find rock, you will pay no more than the policy cost. Without the policy, if we find rock, you could be subject to additional charges of up to two days of labor and heavy equipment fees.

How to Build Your Own Storm Shelter

Read How to Build a Storm Shelter

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