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National Storm Shelters, LLC
700 Swan Dr. Smyrna TN

Tornado Shelters Impact Tested

How do I keep my family safe during a tornado?

Get a complete tornado safety guide and family plan to help you survive a tornado.

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Before you buy, research your options and have no doubts about your investment. Free consultation!

Compare safe rooms and tornado shelters.

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Certification & Impact Tested

tornado-shelters-impact-testedNational Storm Shelters understands that you want peace of mind when buying a storm shelter knowing that you are getting the very best in grade and quality.

Every National Storm Shelter (NSS) Meets or Exceeds FEMA testing and regulations. NSS Commitment to excellence with 15 years experience in manufacturing and fabricating.

We combine knowledge and expertise to provide economical storm shelters that fit your budget. Impact tested at the Texas Tech Wind Enigeering Facility.


Texas Tech Wind Science & Engineering Research Center

tornado-shelters-impact-testedPersonnel of the Wind Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech have conducted extensive research to better understand and mitigate the effect of severe winds.

More than 90 windstorms have been investigated across the country so that damage can be better understood and designs for mitigation developed.

Wind-resistant building research and design are conducted on campus, including extensive testing that has led to the in-residence shelter concepts.

Texas Tech Wind Engineering

National Storm Shelters meets and exceeds FEMA standards or FEMA publication 320.Impact Tested at Texas Tech

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